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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program


​​​​​​​2020-2021 School Supply List

All RESA students will be provided with:

18-inch standard backpack

1-wide-ruled spiral notebook

1-glue stick & 1 bottle

1-24 count pack of crayons

8- black, blue and red pens

8-wide washable markers

1-pink eraser

1-pencil sharpener

12 count pencils

1-1-inch ruler

5-inch pointed scissors

2- 2 pocket folders

Students will not have access to lockers in light of COVID-19, please keep school supplies at home until you receive your school-provided backpack. 



RESA Middle School Uniform Policy

All RESA Middle School students are required to follow the uniform code to and from RESA every day during the school year.

Uniform Style and Colors:

  • The uniform shirt will be a collared/buttoned polo shirt or button down oxford in white, navy blue, or forest green (solid in color).
  • Trousers, skirts (knee length) and shorts (knee length) will be khaki or navy blue.
  • Shirts worn under the uniform may be of any color provided they do not have a hood, and are not obscene, offensive, or disruptive to the learning environment.
  • Shoes must be low-heeled, closed toe, and have hard soles.
  • RESA spirit shirts and hoodies may be worn any day.


Additional Requirements:

  • RESA IDs and lanyards are a part of the uniform. Students are required to wear their ID around their neck so it is visible at all times. ID’s may not be altered or defaced in any way i.e. stickers, marker, scratched, etc.
  • RESA team jerseys may be worn only on game days and not in PE class. Only members of the team may wear said jersey.


How to Wear the RESA Uniform:

  • Shirts, shorts, skirts, and trousers must fit appropriately (not too tight or excessively large)
  • Pants/shorts/skirts must be worn at the waist.
  • Exposing the stomach area or upper torso of the body is not allowed.
  • Shirts and tops are too short if the midriff is exposed when arms are raised.
  • Tights may be worn under a skirt or shorts.
  • There will be no substitutions or alterations of the uniform, and it must be kept clean and neat. If you
  • alter the uniform, you will be considered out of uniform.


Uniform Violations:

  • No jeans (If you aren’t sure and the pants have a rivet then it is probably not allowed)
  • No denim
  • No leggings, leotards, or spandex,
  • No undergarments may be showing.
  • No coats or jackets may be worn while in the building. (If taking a coat to PE for class outside you may carry the coat to PE, but it may not be worn in the halls)
  • No headwear may be worn in the building: no caps, hoods, kerchiefs, do rags, scarves, bandanas, picks, or combs.
  • Sleeveless shirts or cap sleeves are not allowed
  • No flip-flops, slippers, house shoes, open toed shoes, or sandals
  • RESA PE shirts may not be worn outside of PE class


Additional Allowances:

  • Sweaters and sweatshirts are permissible over your uniform provided they are white, navy blue, heather grey, or forest green with no writing or patterns on them. A single logo smaller than a 3”x5” index card is allowed.
  • Hooded sweatshirts (including ones with zippers) are not jackets under our uniform policy and are allowed provided that they meet the sweater and sweatshirt requirement above.

What happens when a student violates the dress code?
Dress code violations are addressed as infractions in the student code of conduct. Students out of uniform will be served a lunch detention and directed to call home for a guardian to bring the appropriate school uniform. Repeated violations are subject to progressive discipline which may be referred to GDM (2).