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Library Media

​Destiny Online Library Catalog

Teachers and students can search the library offerings for their school. Username: Your computer login​. ​​Password​: Your computer password​​.

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World Book Online

An online encyclopedia with sites that can be used at any grade level; as well as, resources in Spanish, Arabic, and French. Username: ​rps205​. ​​Password​: rockschools​​. Current RPS 205 World Book Subscriptions:



Online encyclopedia for kids grades 6-8.  Students can topic search, or type in keywords in the search bar. Has a Maps/Atlas and Citation builder feature. Articles can be translated into many different languages and can be read aloud in several languages.

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Has ready-made timelines across multiple subject areas. Also allows students to create their own timelines. Can add photos to timelines.

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Encyclopedia for grades 6-12. Students can topic search, or type in keywords in the search bar. Includes a Life Skills section which could be a good addition to the Seminar Curriculum. Also has a World Book Explains video section which would support multiple content areas.

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Encyclope​dia Bri​tannica​ Image Quest​

Search for copyright free images for presentations and assignments. This service also provides ready made citations to make it easy for students to adhere to copyright rules. Username: rockfordsd​. ​​Password​: rockfordsd​​.

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Username and password applies to all of the following Gale products. Username: no username. ​​Password​: ​rockschools (remote password: remote)


Gale in Context: Global Issues

This database includes a variety of sources and media formats to present a rich analysis of issues; social, political, military, economic, environmental, science related, health related, and cultural. ​​

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Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

A great resource to find information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues. Sources include continuously updated viewpoints, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files and links to websites. ​​

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Gale in Context: Middle School

This database is designed for middle school students, with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more. 

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